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Achilles Broken | The Oliphants of Red Ridge| 3D Printed 32mm or 75mm-scale resin model by Daybreak Miniatures |dream it build it 3d

Achilles Broken | The Oliphants of Red Ridge| 3D Printed 32mm or 75mm-scale resin model by Daybreak Miniatures |dream it build it 3d

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Achilles Broken

The Oliphants of Red Ridge are brought to life with this stunning 3D printed resin model by Daybreak Miniatures. Whether you choose the 32mm or 75mm scale, prepare to be amazed by the intricate details and lifelike textures captured in this masterpiece. Truly a collector's dream, this model brings a touch of fantasy and wonder to any tabletop gaming experience.

The Oliphants of Red Ridge

Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of the Oliphants of Red Ridge. These majestic creatures, inspired by mythology and fantasy, have come to life through the talent and craftsmanship of Daybreak Miniatures. From their powerful tusks to the intricate patterns adorning their skin, each Oliphant is a testament to the imagination and skill of the artisans involved in its creation.

3D Printed Resin Model

Using the latest 3D printing technology, Daybreak Miniatures has meticulously crafted this resin model with exceptional precision and attention to detail. The result is a visually stunning and highly durable piece that captures the essence of the Oliphants of Red Ridge in every dimension. Watch as these incredible creatures take shape before your eyes and add a touch of magic to your gaming adventures.

Choose Your Scale

Whether you prefer standard miniature size or desire a larger centerpiece for your collection, Achilles Broken offers two scale options: 32mm or 75mm. The 32mm scale is ideal for tabletop battles, while the 75mm scale provides an eye-catching display piece that will draw the admiration of all who see it. Whichever scale you choose, rest assured that your Oliphant model will be a standout addition to your collection.

Dream It, Build It

With the Achilles Broken 3D printed resin model, Daybreak Miniatures invites you to dream big and bring your vision to life. The versatile build of this model allows for customization and personalization, empowering you to create a truly unique Oliphant that reflects your imagination. Use your creativity and let Achilles Broken transport you to a world where fantasy and reality converge.

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