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Madame Astra Great Grimoire Miniatures- | dreamitbuildit3d

Madame Astra Great Grimoire Miniatures- | dreamitbuildit3d

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Madame Astra

Great Grimoire Miniatures

Please note the following details regarding our miniature product:

- The miniature is made of high-quality resin and offers maximum detail level.
- It is 32mm x 75mm in size and is 100% brand new.
- The miniature is 3D printed raw and may require additional sanding, priming, or line filling.
- The product is officially licensed for commercial sale.
- It is a physical product that will need to be assembled and painted by the customer.
- The model will come with an individual base.
- Assembly is super easy and requires an adhesive like super glue.
- The pictures shown are stock 3D renderings. The actual 3D prints are in gray resin, which is excellent for painting.

- Some gluing, minor sanding, and filling will be required for this model.
- We will take all efforts to deliver the cleanest and easiest-to-assemble model possible.
- Resin models are not perfect and may have little gaps, support marks, or other imperfections that need to be addressed when completing the kit.
- Minor blemishes will not be a basis for return.

Please note:
- All orders are made to order, and orders will be printed in the order they are accepted.
- All miniatures come unpainted and raw out of the resin machine.
- It may take a few days to ship because they need to be washed and cured.

- Prints have small parts and are not intended for children under the age of 14.
- Prints are not intended for use in fish tanks or aquariums.
- Please do not place prints in your mouth.

- We are officially licensed to sell these models.
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